Sunday, January 19, 2014

Two Wyoming Thunderegg Agate cabochons accompanied by an Aventurine cab and some agate tube beads....lots of delicate beading.

This statement piece features two Pyrope Garnets with Golden form sculptural embellishment and small garnet cabs.
This is beautiful high domed cab of Wyoming Nephrite Jade accented by tiny Prehnite orbs, a  hand made chain festooned with tiny dangles...a statement piece.

I don't often work in Labradorite, because so many other metal smiths do.  I love the stone and this is a pair of blue flash lab cabs...ready for Etsy and maybe for you.
A whimsical pair of Fordite earrings...more vibrant colors with a touch of blue metalflake...again from Sue Kershaw.

Fordite is one of my favorite things, but I hesitate to use any of my cabs because Fordite is in short supply.  This is a cab made by Sue Kershaw.  I love the piece and I am tempted to keep it...but it will also be available on Etsy.
Happy New Year,

It's been so long that I have posted anything that I am not sure how to do it anymore.

I have spend the last eight months debt deep in renovation and have not added anything new to my Etsy shop since summer, but I have been back at work and about to start listing again as soon as I complete photography. 

This is a huge gorgeous Burro Creek cab that I set simply.